About Pipe Clamps

About Pipe Clamps

Benefits of Pipe Clamps

Handrail pipe clamps are made of malleable iron manufactured to BS EN ISO 1562:1997 and ductile iron to BS EN 1563:1997 (where indicated) pipe clamps are suitable for use with steel tubes to BS EN 10255 and BS 1387 (min. wall thickness of 3.2mm)
Corrosion protection on all clamps and grub screws
Pipe clamps provide a flexible solution for the construction of safety barrier systems.
Construction is quick, simple and effective using a wide range of fitting handrail pipe clamps safely joins standard sizes of structural steel pipe, tube or any circular hollow sections into:-

• DDA Assemblies
• Disabled Ramp Guardrails
• Handrails, Safety Guard Rails and Pedestrian Barriers
• Market Stalls
• Racking
• Roof Guard Rails
• Safety Guard Rails
• Water Treatment Works

Construction Benefits

• Manufactured to be used on different pipe sizes, from 26.9 mm to 60.3 mm
• Simple quick connections and construction can easily be done for DIY
• No welding is required for fitting
• No need to thread pipe for bolts etc.
• High level of corrosion resistance
• End results give a professionally finished product
• Can be integrated with mesh panels for Pedestrian Barriers
• No special tools required for construction only hexagon or Allen Keys are needed
• No specialist training or experience is required for assembly
• Versatile, modular system saves on assembly time
• Cost effective

Safety Features

• Strong malleable iron fittings meet specified loadings up to BS EN 1562:1997
• No sharp edges
• No welding skills needed

All our handrail pipe clamps can be supplied ina powder coated finish to RAL standard subject to quantity and availability. If the fitting you require is not listed please contact us on 01244 288000

Understanding the product codes

Product numbers containing a ‘G’ are galvanised
Product numbers containing a ‘P’ are Plastic
Product numbers containing an ‘S’ are Stainless Steel