AVK Series 41/20 Swing Check Valve PN16

AVK Series 41/20 Swing Check Valve PN16The Series 41/20 is a resilient seated swing check valve, suitable for use with potable water, raw water and sewage, to a maximum temperature of +70°C.

- Resilient seated disc.
- Lightweight design.
- Pre-fitted extended spindle.
- Highly adaptable lever and weight system.
- 5 By-pass bosses.
- Cross sectional flow area greater than 90%.
- Easily maintained.
- Corrosion resistant.
- Size range DN50-300.
- Fusion bonded epoxy coating.

- Lever and weight*, mounted RHS as standard, can be mounted LHS on request.
- Spring assisted closure.
- Lever and weight guard.
- Limit/proximity switch actuation kit.