Lamontite Couplings

ABCO Lamontite Straight Couplings 
LS130 - Reducing Couplings - LS132 - Male Couplings LS134 - Female Couplings LS138

Lamontite range of non-manipulative (Type A) dezincification resistant (DZR) compression fittings in sizes from 67mm to 108mm.
The Lamontite range is suitable for use on closed circuit central heating systems, in above ground hot and cold water systems, on compressed air lines, and for oil and other fluids.

Connection:  Compression
Finish:  Brass
Fitting Type:  Compression Straight Coupling
Manufactured Approved To BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Data list for LS130 Straight Couplings
LS130-67 67mm Straight Coupling 67mm LS130 1 67 3 64 3.2
LS130-76 76mm Straight Coupling 76mm LS130 1 76 4 84 3.81
LS130-108 108mm Straight Coupling 108mm LS130 1 108 4 99 4.85

Lamontite LS130 Diagram

Maximum TemperatureMaximum Pressures For Nominal Diameters Up to 108mm
Degrees C bar
30 10
65 6
110 4
120 3