TracPipe Cutters

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Code Description Manufacturer Used For Product Type Sub Type Price Quantity
MON295Q Monument 295Q Tracpipe Gas Pipe Cutter 15/32mm Omegaflex Gas Semi Rigid Gas Pipe Pipe Cutter £23.30 (exc VAT)
TRAC152 Tracpipe Ridgid Pipe Cutter 12mm - 50mm Type 152 Ridgid Cutting Tracpipe Pipe Cutter CSST Pipe £91.25 (exc VAT)

Tracpipe Cutters

We are a leading UK TracPipe supplier.

The MONUMENT & RIGID TracPipe ® cutters are designed to penetrate the depth of corrugation and provide a clean cut
TracPipe ® is a stainless steel, bendable corrugated gas pipe with a yellow polyethylene cover.

These cutters are designed to cut Omegaflex ® TracPipe ® sizes from DN15/15mm to DN50/50mm.