Gas Meter Connections

Natural Gas Propane ButaneGas Meter ConnectionBrass
Used ForNatural Gas Propane Butane
Product TypeGas Meter Connection
Material TypeBrass

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Code Description Manufacturer Approved By brand Connection Type Material Type Product Type Used For Price Quantity
BRASH4108 1 inch BS746 Female x 3/4 inch BSPT Male c/w Washer Primaflow BS Kitemark Advantica Tracpipe Union and Nut Brass Meter Union Natural Gas Propane Butane £5.20 (exc VAT)

Gas Meter Connection fittings

Not suitable for connecting directly to TRACPIPE® Pipe

These fittings are designed for connecting -

    • Gas Meters and appliances onto traditional gas pipes
    • Tubes
    • Fittings
    • Tracpipe BSP Fitting

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