Fischer SX Nylon Wallplug

Nylon expansion fixing
For use with wood, chipboard and self-tapping screws and ASL spacing screws
SX long version for higher anchoring depth in perforated building materials, aircrete and to bridge plaster.

Suitable for:
Prestressed hollow-core concrete slabs
Natural stone with dense structure
Solid brick
Sand-lime solid brick
Solid block made from lightweight concrete
Solid panel made from gypsum
Vertically perforated brick
Sand-lime perforated block
Hollow block made from lightweight concrete
Slabs made of perforated bricks
Hollow concrete blocks etc.

For fixing of:
Motion detectors
Electric switches
Small wall-mounted shelves
Towel rails
Lightweight mirror cabinets
Letter boxes
Hanging baskets
Curtain rails

Code Description Product Type Used For Manufacturer Price Quantity
FISCSX12X60 Fischer 12x60 High Performance Nylon Wallplugs 70012 SX12(25) Wallplug Wood Chipboard Fischer £8.00 (exc VAT)
FISCSX14X70 Fischer 14x70 High Performance Nylon Wallplugs 70014 Sx14(20) Wallplug Wood Chipboard Fischer £11.89 (exc VAT)
FISCS1040 Fischer S8 Nylon Wallplugs £12.86 (exc VAT)
FISCS08RS080Z Fischer SXR8x80Z Frame Fixing 505262 Frame Fixing External & Damp Conditions Fischer £0.65 (exc VAT)