Fischer EA Anchor

Drop in anchor with internal thread for pre-positioned installation
When the expander plug is driven in with the EAW H Plus setting tool, the anchor sleeve is expanded and is tensioned against the hole wall

Used For

Suitable for non-cracked concrete and for anchoring light ceiling linings and suspended ceilings
Suitable for all screws or studs with metric threads
Low anchoring depth reduces drilling time and thus cost-efficient installation
Surface-flush anchor allows the attached item to be removed and re-fitted several times

Suitable for

Non-cracked concrete C12/15
Natural stone with dense structure

For fixing :-

Ventilation systems
Sprinkler systems
Steel constructions
Cable Trays
Suspended ceilings

Code Description Price Quantity
FISCE1010 Fischer EA 11 M8 x 30 Drop in Anchor 48284 Pack Hundred £19.53 (exc VAT)
FISCE1040 Fischer EA 11 M12 x 35 Drop in Anchor 48406 Pack Hundred £42.60 (exc VAT)
FISCE2020 Fischer EA 11 M10 x 30 Drop in Anchor 48332 Pack Hundred £24.43 (exc VAT)
FISCEAM12 Fischer EA M12 Drop In Anchors 90162 £30.90 (exc VAT)
FISCEAM16 Fischer EA M16 N Drop In Anchors 90163 £47.60 (exc VAT)