Yorkshire Xpress 28 x 15mm SG25 GAS Pressfit Reducing Tee

Yorkshire Xpress 28 x 15mm SG25 GAS Pressfit Reducing Tee

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XP39861 XP39861 Yorkshire Xpress 28 x 15mm SG25 GAS Pressfit Reducing Tee

Yorkshire Xpress 28 x 15mm SG25 Gas Tee Reduced Branch

Performance when correctly assembled with copper tube to BS EN 1057 R250 and R290 (for above ground use only)

Pegler XPress Copper Gas Fittings
Use with Copper Pipe or Tube
Min temperature -20°C at 1bar*
Max temperature and pressure 70°C at 5bar**

*1bar inside. **5bar outside above ground.
As part of the DVGW approvals process, XPress Gas fittings have passed the HTBleakage rate test at 650°C for 30 minutes.
XPress Gas fittings are not suitable for use with soft copper tube

BSi Kitemarked
BS 8537:2010 - Copper and copper alloys. Plumbing fittings. Specification for press ends of plumbing fittings for use with metallic tubes.
Pegler Yorkshire XPress range of press fittings suitable for use with hard and half-hard copper tube.

Type 1 Fittings
Ambient Temperature Range: 15°C to 95°C. Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP): 16 bar.
Available in any combination of press-end sizes: 12mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm, 54mm, 66.7mm,76.1mm and 108mm.

25 / 30 Years Guarantee
The Xpress Copper, Gas, Stainless ranges are guaranteed for 25 years when installed along with other manufacturers’ pipeline components conforming to the specified standard.
30 Years Where pipelines are constructed exclusively from compatible XPress Copper, Gas, Stainless and Solar fittings and tubes, the resulting installations will be deemed XPress Systems and qualify for a 30 year guarantee.

•   A totally heat-free jointing solution
•   Reduced installation times provides major installed cost savings
•   No need for hot works permits or additional costly insurance
•   Sizes from 15mm up to 108mm
•   Systems have an exceptionally clean bore with no flux residues
•   Cover a wide variety of applications in modern building services
•   System guarantees of 30 Year for XPress Copper/Stainless and 10 Years for XPress Carbon
•   Excellent system performance from -24 to 110°C at a maximum working pressure of 16 bar and -20 to 70°C at 5 bar (1 bar within buildings) for Gas fittings
•   Designed for hydrau licsystem testing at up to 1.5 times working pressure, to a maximum of 16 bar*

*For testing at higher pressures and compressed air pipeline systems advice should be sought from Pegler Yorkshire

Join Gas PipePress Fit Gas CouplingReducing TeeCopperPress FitYorkshire Xpress
Used ForJoin Gas Pipe
Product TypePress Fit Gas Coupling
Sub TypeReducing Tee
Material TypeCopper
Connection TypePress Fit
brand Yorkshire Xpress

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