Polyplumb Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack SO808

Polyplumb SO808 Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack

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UFCHPKSO808 UFCHPKSO808 Polyplumb SO808 Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack 2021-12-18

Polyplumb Solid Red Floor Panel System
A complete 80 metre single project house pack that contains all floor components and flow control equipment for eight rooms or eight heating zones. Individual Polypipe room temperature controls are available

A typical underfloor heating system is generally split into zones, each zone representing one room. A zone can be a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom etc.
Each zone is controlled by a thermostat located within the room that increases or decreases the heat output from the heating system. Explanation of Circuits - Each individual circuit covers a maximum of 15m2 so any rooms that are larger than this will require another circuit for every extra 15m2

How to Install Solid Under Floor Systems(pdf)

Coverage Approx. 30 x 28 ft or 80m2 for maximum of 8 rooms or 8 circuits
Each heating pack contains a selection of Screeded Floor Panels, Edge Insulation, Manifold, Isolation Valves, Pump Pack, Conduit Pipe Coils and Pipe stiffeners.
As a major Polypipe supplier we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.

Solid or Screed FloorsHouse Pack80 Square Metre8 Rooms or 8 CircuitsPolypipe
Used ForSolid or Screed Floors
Product TypeHouse Pack
Sub Type80 Square Metre
Circuits8 Rooms or 8 Circuits
brand Polypipe

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