Polyplumb Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack SO8010

Polyplumb SO8010 Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack

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UFCHPKSO8010 UFCHPKSO8010 Polyplumb SO8010 Solid Underfloor Heating House Pack 2021-12-19

Polyplumb Solid Red Floor Panel System
A complete 80 metre single project house pack that contains all floor components and flow control equipment for nine rooms or nine heating zones. Individual Polypipe room temperature controls are available

A typical underfloor heating system is generally split into zones, each zone representing one room. A zone can be a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom etc.
Each zone is controlled by a thermostat located within the room that increases or decreases the heat output from the heating system. Explanation of Circuits - Each individual circuit covers a maximum of 15m2 so any rooms that are larger than this will require another circuit for every extra 15m2

How to Install Solid Under Floor Systems(pdf)

Coverage Approx. 30 x 28 ft or 80m2 for maximum of 9 rooms or 9 circuits
Each heating pack contains a selection of Screeded Floor Panels, Edge Insulation, Manifold, Isolation Valves, Pump Pack, Conduit Pipe Coils and Pipe stiffeners.
As a major Polypipe supplier we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.

Solid or Screed FloorsHouse Pack80 Square Metre10 Rooms or 10 CircuitsPolypipe
Used ForSolid or Screed Floors
Product TypeHouse Pack
Sub Type80 Square Metre
Circuits10 Rooms or 10 Circuits
brand Polypipe

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