Polypipe 15mm x100m Coil Ultra Flex Underfloor Pipe

Polypipe 15mm x100m Coil Ultra Flex Underfloor Pipe

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UFCHP4020 UFCHP4020 Polypipe 15mm x100m Coil Ultra Flex Underfloor Pipe 2021-12-19

Polypipe 15mm x100m Coil Ultra Flex Underfloor Pipe UFH10015B for underfloor heating use only EN15876

Easier to install than standard polybutylene, Ultraflex has been designed to give plumbers and underfloor heating installers greater flexibility.

How to Install Overlay and Low Profile Floor Systems(pdf)

How to Install Polypipe Underfloor Heating Pipe (pdf)

This 15mm ultra flex pipe is a solution specific pipe that is ONLY suitable for use in underfloor heating applications.

If your underfloor installation uses polyplumb underfloor panels the pipe can be installed at the pre-designed centres.The pipe is easily installed by taking pipe from the outside of thecoil and unrolling the pipe in the direction that the pipe is being laid.

The floor panels ensure that pipe is laid at a pre-determined spacing and the correct bend radius is maintained. The minimum bend radius is ensured byencircling two castellations for a 90° bend or three castellations for a 180° bend.


Diagram of correct pipe radius

Polybutylene is the most malleable plastic used in the manufacture of piping systems - its natural flexibility allows installers to bend the pipe into even the tightest of spaces.  It is also extremely light, particularly when compared with traditional copper piping systems. It has good resistance to freezing and has a reputation for long-term durability in heating and water applications. These features make it ideal forunder floor heating applications

Together with the pipe’s excellent elasticity, means that if water in a the underfloor system is subjected to freezing temperatures, a burst pipe is far less likely.

Storage recommendations:
To avoid damage to the pipe, pecial consideration should be given to protecting the underfloor heating pipe when stored in temperatures below -100C as .
Where possible protect the pipe from any UV exposure
Ideally it is best to store the pipe indoors and in its original packaging to provide adequate protection from the elements

Clipping of Pipe:
The recommended maximum clipping distances of the pipe is as follows:
Horizontal runs 1.2m apart
Vertical runs 1.5m apart

Underfloor HeatingFlexible Pipe15mm x 100mPolyfit
Used ForUnderfloor Heating
Product TypeFlexible Pipe
Sub Type15mm x 100m
brand Polyfit

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