Polypipe Wet Room Sensor Inc 3m Cable PB23020

Polypipe PB23020 Wet Room Sensor Inc 3m Cable

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Polypipe PB23020 Wet Room Sensor

If you want to install underfloor heating into a bathroom or wet room then a wet room sensor will be needed. This Polypipe WRAS approved wet room sensor can be installed in bathrooms, en-suites bathrooms and shower rooms. A room thermostat can then be fitted outside the wet area to control that rooms’ temperature.
The sensor is connected to the room thermostat using the supplied 3 metre cable.This distance can be extended to a maximum of 10m providing a similar type of cable is used.

Generally the sensor is mounted on a wall however; the sensor cover can be removed so that it be used as a floor temperature sensor if sensitive floor coverings are installed, or if the room
is receiving supplemental heat from say an AGA Cooker or other heat source. This can help to avoid 'cold tiles' beneath the feet!

Room Temperature Controls
Generally room system controls will have - slave units, a master wiring centre, room thermostats, used for multiple room control and zone valve and actuators.
Polyplumb Manifolds and Controls will work with all Polyplumb underfloor heating systems.

How to Install a Polypipe Wet Room Thermostat (pdf)

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