Polypipe 4 Zone Slave Unit PB4ZS

Polypipe PB4ZS 4 Zone Slave Unit

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The Polypipe PB4ZS Four Zone Slave Unit is controlled by the Single Zone Master Unit PB1ZM 
Supports simple wiring of any room thermostats for multi-room control.
Heated zones are shown by neon indicators
This unit supports up to 4 extra control zones. (Up to 4 actuators can be connected per zone)
The unit can also be connected to another PB4ZS and PB1ZM combination to give another 8 additional zones.
All Polyplumb Manifolds and Controls can be used with each type of polyplumb heating system.

Room Temperature Controls
Usually an underfloor heating systems control setup has - room thermostats, a master wiring centre, slave units, used for multiple room control, zone valve and actuators.
Slave units and master control units use Neon indicators to show which room is being heated.
(4 and 6 zone slaveunits  must be used in conjunction with a Single Zone Master PB1ZM)

Polypipe Room Temperature Controls (pdf)

PB4ZS PB6ZS Wiring Diagram (pdf)

The diagram below shows an outline of 4 and 6 zone slave unit wiring

4 and 6 zone slave unit wiring diagram

Slave UnitPolypipe
Product TypeSlave Unit
brand Polypipe

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