Tracpipe 32 x 28mm Compression Copper Gas Coupling

Tracpipe 32 x 28mm Compression Copper Gas Coupling

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TRAC8055 TRAC8055 Tracpipe 32 x 28mm Compression Copper Gas Coupling 2021-11-04

Tracpipe 32 x 28mm Compression Copper Gas Coupling Compression

These Tracpipe compression fittings connect TracPipe to Metric Copper Tube

A Major advantage of Tracpipeis it requires no threading, welding or hot-workand no special tools are required.
To join Tracpipe simply cut the pipe with a standard pipe cutter.
Use a utility knife to strip the outer covering of the pipe, connect the fitting and tighten it using two spanners.
The fitting is self-flaring & self-piloting to form a gas safe leak free joint when tightened to the correct torque.


Tightening Autoflare Fitting

Jointing flexible gas pipe with Tracpipe fittings

Each AutoFlare fitting uses back nut and 2 split rings.
Simply slide the nut back over the cut pipe end, the two split rings will be aligned with the first corrugation of the pipe. Slide the nut forward to trap the split rings.
Align the AutoFlare fitting with the back nut and hand tighten the threads then use an appropriate spanner size to tighten the fitting until it is tight.
Torque should be applied similar to that used when as making up a flared pipe joint.

Natural Gas Propane ButaneSemi Rigid Gas PipeCompression GasTracpipe
Used ForNatural Gas Propane Butane
Product TypeSemi Rigid Gas Pipe
Sub TypeCompression Gas
brand Tracpipe

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