Tracpipe 50mm x 2 Inch BSP Male Gas Pipe Connector

Tracpipe 50mm x 2 Inch BSP Male Gas Pipe Connector

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TRAC4060 TRAC4060 Tracpipe 50mm x 2 Inch BSP Male Gas Pipe Connector 2021-12-19

Tracpipe 50mm x 2 Inch BSP Male (ISO 7-1 'R')

These 50mm Tracpipe BSP Male Gas pipe Fittings are designed to connect to 50mm Tracpipe flexible gas pipe as well as connect to traditional gas pipe fittings in iron, malleable, steel, copper etc. No tape or jointing compounds are needed on the fitting and the fittings require no special tools or heat to form a gas safe joint. Silicone tape is used however to ensure there is no corrosion the stainless steel pipe. These fittings are suitable for natural gas, propane or butane up to a working pressures of 75mbar.

The fittings aremanufactured in brass and they are BS 7838 Approved, Tested by Advantica and BSI Kitemarked, they conform to all Gas Industry Standards in the U.K.

All of the tracpipe autoflare fittings are easy to use as they are self-flaring, self-piloting joint seals that tighten with a normal spanner. At correct torques they form safe, gas-tight connections. Tracpipe Autoflare Fittings terminate and connect both Tracpipe Flexible Gas Pipe Full Coils and Tracpipe Cut Lengths

Natural Gas Propane ButaneSemi Rigid Gas PipeGas ConnectorBrassCompressionTracpipeBS Kitemark Advantica
Used ForNatural Gas Propane Butane
Product TypeSemi Rigid Gas Pipe
Sub TypeGas Connector
Material TypeBrass
Connection TypeCompression
brand Tracpipe
Approved ByBS Kitemark Advantica

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