Tracpipe Flexible Gas Pipe 40mm x 75 metres

Tracpipe 40mm x 75 metre Coil Flexible Gas Pipe

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TRAC1100 TRAC1100 Tracpipe 40mm x 75 metre Coil Flexible Gas Pipe

Tracpipe 40mm x 75 metre Coil Flexible Gas Pipe

Tracpipe 75 metre coil of flexible gas pipe has an inside diameter of 40mm (DN40). It is manufactured by Omegaflex to BS 7838 and is suitable for natural gas, propane or butane installations. All Tracpipe full coils and shorter lengths can be bent by hand, needs very little jointing as they are easily bent around corners, and its use instead of copper pipe, dramatically reduces installation time.

It can be supplied in long lengths up to a maximum 90m so the number of joints required for a run is far less than traditional copper installations.
Full Coils are available in seven bore sizes (12mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm & 50mm) and terminates with Tracpipe Autoflare BSP fittings.

Tracpipe gas pipe and fittings should only be installed by Gas Safe registered engineers. The major benefits for installers include speed, flexibility and ease of handling and fitting.

40mm Tracpipe ® is currently used for gas piping systems in domestic installations, as well as schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial premises. We stock Tracpipe ® Cut lengths of 5m, and multiples of 5m can be delivered as a single length of your choice. These 40mm diameter long length reels and shorter lengths can be joined using Tracpipe Straight Couplings.

When deciding on the correct size of Tracpipe gas installation pipework, it is recommended practice to allow a maximum design pressure loss between the point of supply and the appliance connection points. A pressure loss worksheet is available at

  TracPipe 40mm Tube Dimensions
Size (mm) DN 40
Nominal ID (mm) 38.7
Jacket OD (mm) 48.8
Bend Radius (mm) Minimum 76
Recommended 127


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Natural Gas Butane PropaneSemi Rigid Gas PipeFull CoilFlexible Stainless Steel75m40mmTracpipeBS Kitemark AdvanticaBS 7838:1996
Used ForNatural Gas Butane Propane
Product TypeSemi Rigid Gas Pipe
Sub TypeFull Coil
Material TypeFlexible Stainless Steel
brand Tracpipe
Approved ByBS Kitemark Advantica
StandardsBS 7838:1996

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