REMS Magnum 3000LT 1/2-3 inch Threading Machine, Stand & Oil

REMS Magnum 3000LT inch Threading Machine Stand and Oil

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REMS380309S REMS380309S REMS Magnum 3000LT inch Threading Machine Stand and Oil

REMS Magnum - the super machine up to 3"
Exceptionally round and clean threads up to 3" by using 5 threading dies.

Proven quick-action hammer chuck, self-tightening. No slipping of pipes.
Large space between chuck and centering device ensures secure clamping of long pipes. Rear centering device for alignment of the material.

Automatic lubrication and cooling
Robust, proven oil pump with high pumping volume. Optimized oil distribution directly onto the threading point through the die head ensures clean threads and long service life of dies, gear and motor.

Universal automatic die head
Only 1 universal automatic die head each for the sizes 1/16 " 2" and 2½ " 3" for all threads, including long threads; automatic opening with automatic thread-lengthstop for tapered threads. 5 dies 2½ " 3" ensure a favourable distribution of the cutting force onto the pipe, hence round and clean threads. Fast and easy adjustment of thread size. Simple and fast change of dies through lock-in positioning in die holder.

Stand or wheel stand also available

Pipe Threading
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