REMS Frigo 2 Electric Freeze Set 1/4 inch - 1 inch or 15 - 35mm

REMS Frigo 2 Electric Freeze Set 1/4 - 11/4 inch or 15-42mm

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REMS131011 REMS131011 REMS Frigo 2 Electric Freeze Set 1/4 - 11/4 inch or 15-42mm

REMS Frigo 2 Electric Pipe Freezer Easy, fast freezing of pipes which are not drained. Closed refrigerant circuit. Environmentally safe.
CFC-free. For maintenance, repair and extension of piping systems. Steel, copper, plastic,
composite pipes Ø 1/8 - 2"
Ø 10 _ 60 mm
Refrigerant: R-404A, CFC-free.
REMS Frigo 2 - electrically freezing instead of draining. Super fast up to 2". High cooling capacity,
e.g. ¾" steel pipe in only 9 min where ambient/water temperature is approx 18°C.
Particularly compact, patented deep-freezer heads, for very fast assembly.

Maintenance/repair Pipe/Electric Freeze
Used ForMaintenance/repair Pipe/Electric Freeze

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