32mm Pipe Clip Polyprop White

32mm Pipe Clip Polyprop White

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POLYW2600 POLYW2600 32mm Pipe Clip Polyprop White

32mm Pipe Clip Polypropylene White

32mm Pipe clips provide support for longer runs of pipe.

Solvent waste pipe made from ABS plastic that provides strength and resilience.
This type of pipe can be used for waste water from sinks, baths, washing machines etc.

The pipes are fixed together with solvent cement that is brushed onto the outside of the pipe and inside of the fitting.
The two are pushed together and the solvent cement welds the join.

Fixing is quick and easy
Apply solvent cement evenly to both surfaces of joint, insert pipe fully into the socket depth and remove surplus cement with a cloth.
Allow five minutes to set before handling and twelve hours before testing the system.
It is recommended that externally installed ABS waste systems are protected against prolonged exposure to sunlight with exterior gloss paint.

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