Philmac 32mm Poly Gas Joiner 73144

Philmac 32mm Poly Gas Joiner 73144

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POLYH1020 POLYH1020 Philmac 32mm Poly Gas Joiner 73144

Philmac 32mm Poly Gas Joiner 73144

This Philmac 32mm Poly Gas Joiner Connector is a single seal gas compression fitting that meets the test criteria stipulated by Transco

Standards Approval and Use
The fitting meets the test criteriastipulated by Transco and the technical advisory body, Advantica.
Philmac Gas Fittings are designed for use with both mains and LPG gas.

PREN : 1555-3 : 1999. Hydrostatic strength tests : 100 hrs, 160 hrs and 1000 hrs.

ISO 10838 - 1 : 2000 (E). Leak tightness with bending and pressure cycling. Leak tightness with tensile testing

Advantages over Gas Electrofusion
Pipes of a different SDR rating can be connected easily
No extra equipment required for installation
Fast installation - no cure time
Can be installed in inclement weather conditions

Please Note: Philmac Gas Fittings should only be installed by registeredGas Safe Engineers

Join Gas PipeJoinerGas JoinerPolypropyleneCompression
Used ForJoin Gas Pipe
Product TypeJoiner
Sub TypeGas Joiner
Material TypePolypropylene
Connection TypeCompression

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