Horne Brass In-line Thermal Disinfection Unit ILTDU

Horne Brass In-line Thermal Disinfection Unit ILTDU

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The HORNE ILTDU passes hot water from the Domestic Hot Water System through the downstream pipework.
It diverts hot water to both the hot inlet and the cold inlet of a downstream mixing device.
This overrides the so-called “fail-safe” characteristic of the mixing device and thus raises the whole mixing device to system hot water temperature.
This effects disinfection of the mixing device and its associated components, local pipework as well as the terminal outlet fitting.

The HORNE ILTDU has two operating modes – PASSIVE and DISINFECTING.
In PASSIVE mode, the ILTDU passes the hot and cold water supplies straight through to the mixing device, which operates as normal.

An OPERATING KEY is used to switch between PASSIVE and DISINFECTING modes.
A single clockwise half turn of the OPERATING KEY activates DISINFECTING mode.

Used ForDisinfection
Product TypeHygenic
Material TypeBrass
Wras ApprovedYes

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