GRUNDFOS AP35-40-08-1 S/S SUMP PUMP 240v

Grundfos AP35.40.08.1 S/Steel Submersible Pump Manual 240v

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GRUNP96001894 GRUNP96001894 Grundfos AP35.40.08.1 S/Steel Submersible Pump Manual 240v 2021-03-08

The Unilift AP35-40-08-1stainless steel pump is a single-stage, submersible pump designed for pumping drainage water and effluent.

The pump is suitable for the following applications-
ground water lowering,-
pumping in drainage pits,-
pumping in surface water pits with inflow from roof gutters, shafts, tunnels, etc.,-
emptying of ponds, tanks, etc. and- maximum particle size: 12 mm.

Automatic operation
The pump is available for automatic as well as manual operation and can be installed in a permanent installation or used as a portable pump. The AP pump range is available:-
with level switch fitted for automatic ON/OFF operation between two liquid levels (single-phase pumps);-
with separate level switch and control box for automatic ON/OFF operation between two liquid levels (three-phase pumps);-
without level switch for manual ON/OFF operation.

Pumps fitted with level switches can also be used for manual ON/OFF operation. In this case the level switch must be secured in an upwards-pointing position.
Pump sleeve and housing
The stainless steel pump sleeve is made in one piece and equipped with an insulated carrying handle.
The suction strainer is clipped on to the pump housing and can easilybe removed for maintenance. The strainer not only prevents the passage of large solids but also ensures a slow flow into the pump. As a result, most impurities will be deposited outside the pump.
The stainless steel pump housing is fitted with an internal riser pipe ensuring high efficiency.

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