250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement 250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement- £14.02 each plus VAT ">250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement- £14.02 each plus VAT ">

250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement

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£14.02 (exc VAT) per each
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EF850.RDO250 EF850.RDO250 250ml PVC Dri-Fast Cement 2021-02-04

Dri Fast info sheet

When used in the correct conditions, Joints made with Dri-Fast can be pressurised after 4 hours with a full cure in 24 hours
Full instructions are printed on the side of the tin, and must be adhered to.
An application brush is fixed to the underside of the cap.

Effast Jointing PDF

Polypipe EffastMaking PVC JointsPVC CementEffast
ManufacturerPolypipe Effast
Used ForMaking PVC Joints
Product TypePVC Cement

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