DAB60147200 DAB60147200

DAB e.sybox Electronic Water Pressurisation System 230v

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An integrated electronic domestic water booster equipped with inverter technology, Horizontal or Vertical positioning, in a ventilated room or in a recess.

Water cooled motor and sound dampening casing creating the quietest booster pump available today
This booster must be fed by a break tank to adhere to U.K water by-laws. It cannot be connected directly to your water supply.

Energy efficient variable speed motor operating from 0.3KW to 1.5 KW
Powerful performance Flow up to 2 Litres/second and head up to 6 Bar
Self priming down to 8 Metres
Dry running protection Frost protection
Anti-vibration mountings
Flexible installation with Horizontal or vertical position and wall mounting accessory kit
Variable positions for in-let and out-let pipework Integrated chamber with expansion vessel, tool kit and installer manual
Wireless connectivity and modular design can expand the pump system up to a 4 pump booster set
Integrated modular water storage tank system with Cat 5 connection

Supplied with a UK 3 Pin Plug

UK Water regulations prohibit direct connection of the E.sybox to a mains water supply. A break tank must be fitted to eliminate any risk of mains depressurisation or back-contamination

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