Pipe Clamp 1.25 Inch Internal Tube Connect 150-3 Galv Inline

Pipe Clamp Size 3 Internal Tube Connect 150-3 Galv Inline

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CLAMP0734 CLAMP0734 Pipe Clamp Size 3 Internal Tube Connect 150-3 Galv Inline


Pipe Clamps 1 1/4 inch Galvanised Inline Internal Tube Connector 150-3


An inline internal tube connector for joining two tubes of the same diameter. This fitting can only be used with 3.2mm wall thick tube. This fitting is not recommended for high or tensile load applications.


Pipe Clamp Sizing Table
 Nominal Bore of the Pipe
FittingTube Size
Outside Diameter
3242.4mm321 1/4"
4048.3mm401 1/2"


 Much confusion is caused by the sizing and designation of Pipeclamps.
All inch sizes referred to are Nominal Bore sizes and relate to the Nominal {not actual} bore of the pipe or tube used.
For example: The 1" PIPECLAMP will fit a 1" or 25mm Nominal Bore Pipe or tube with an OD of 1 11/32" or 33.7mm.
Please refer to our Sizeguide before ordering

handrails - safety guardrails - fencing - shopfittingGalvanised Pipe ClampInternal Tube ConnectorMalleable Cast IronHex Head Set Screw
Used Forhandrails - safety guardrails - fencing - shopfitting
Product TypeGalvanised Pipe Clamp
Sub TypeInternal Tube Connector
Material TypeMalleable Cast Iron
Connection TypeHex Head Set Screw

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