Heatmiser UFH 4 Zone Wiring Centre

Heatmiser UFH 4 Zone Wiring Centre

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Heatmiser UFH 4 Zone Wiring Centre

The UH4 can be used to control any actuator or valve which requires a 230v AC signal. At the same time the UH4 offers the ability to operate a boiler or other heat source through a volt free output. An additional output designed for use with underfloor heating systems, is also included as standard. This is the pump/valve Output, which would normally operate a manifold pump or a manifold valve.

The H/W output provides a 230v hot water enable signal to the valve, the auxiliary wires of the valve are wired to the Gr & Or terminals.

Zone 4 can be used as an isolated radiator zone by using the Yes/No switch.

If the switch is set to NO ;
When zone 4 calls for heat this will provide an output to a radiator zone valve and the boiler but WILL NOT enable the underfloor heating pump/valve output.

If the switch is set to YES;
When Zone 4 calls for heat, this will act as an underfloor heating zone, by enabling the actuator, boiler and pump/valve outputs.

Any output which is not needed can be ignored.

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