25mm Standard 90 Degree Carbon Steel Long Radius Weld Elbow BS1640 Sched 40

25mm Standard 90 LR Weld Elbow BS1640 Carbon Steel Sched 40

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BS16401404 BS16401404 25mm Standard 90 LR Weld Elbow BS1640 Carbon Steel Sched 40 2021-12-19

25mm Carbon Steel 90° Weld Elbow BS1640 Sched 40

25mm Carbon Steel Weld Elbow BS1640 are used for assembling pipe sections where multiple connections can be made using pipe and fittings - including carbon steel reducing tees, elbows, weld caps and reducers.

Socket weld fittings are very reliable in complex pipework systems and have become vital in the petrochemical industry. They are an excellent choice for the prevention of leaks.

Designed and manufactured to very high standards they deliver reliability with decent flow rates.

Suitable applications include irrigation and plumbing, hot & cold water supplies, oil, gas and others. These fittings can be used in elevated and moderate temperatures.

Oil - Gas - Water - Steam - Safety Rail90 Degree LR ElbowCarbon SteelButt Weld
Used ForOil - Gas - Water - Steam - Safety Rail
Product Type90 Degree LR Elbow
Material TypeCarbon Steel
Connection TypeButt Weld

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