1 inch Flamcovent In Line Air Separator

1 inch Flamcovent In Line Air Separator

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The Flamcovent is a high efficiency in-line air separator suitable for use on heating and chilled systems.
In sealed heating systems free and dissolved air cause a number of problems.
Micro-bubbles form on the pump suction as a direct result of localised pressure drop.

This directly affects the liquid displacement of rotary pumps, reducing the flow capacity and therefore the efficiency of the system.
The presence of micro-bubbles and dissolved gas can reduce the liquid displacement of a pump by 10 to 45%.
Heat will also allow dissolved gasses to be drawn out of solution, following Henry’s law, placement of this equipment is important to guarantee effective operation.
Effective removal of free air is essential for increasing the operational life of the system as a whole.

PALL Ring technology

Additional manual air vent for rapid air release during commissioning.

PED 97/23/EC Sound Engineering Practice.

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