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AVK 80mm Wedge Gate Valve Series 21/50 NP10/16

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AVK 80mm Wedge Gate Valve Series 21/50 NP10/16

Part No. 21-080-50X140069, DN80, Length 203mm, Height 339mm, Dt 138mm, D 200mm, Holes 8, Weight 17kg

Service Conditions
Maximum Working Pressure: 16Bar. (1.6 mpa).
Temperature Range: -10°C to +70°C. Insulation essential for temperatures of 0°C and below.
Maximum Dry Solid Content: 10%

Hydraulic test to BS EN 1074-1 & 2.
Seat: 1.1 x PN (PFA) Body: 1.5 x PN (PFA). Operating torque test.

To BS 5163: part 1 & 2 type B. BS EN 1074-1 & 2. Stem sealing replaceable under pressure.
Overall length to BS 5163:Pt 1 (BS EN 558-1).
Flanges and drilling to BS EN 1092-2.

AVK Wedge Gate Valve Diagram

Construction Materials
1 Stem Cap Grey iron, BS EN 1561 EN-GJL-250 complete with cap screw FZP GR 8.8 to ISO 4762.
2 Stem Stainless steel, BS EN 10088-1.No.1.4021.
3 Gland Flange Ductile iron, BSEN 1563 Assembly EN-GJS-500-7 complete with polyamid bushing containing 1 wiper ring + 3 O rings of EPDM and 2 bolts Grade 8.8 sealed with hot melt
4 Thrust Collar DZR brass, BS EN 12164, CW602N.
5 Bonnet Ductile iron, BS EN 1563 EN-GJS-500-7.
6 Bonnet Bolts HT Steel Grade 8.8 sealed with hot melt
7 Body, Bonnet Seal EPDM rubber, ESW-70, WRAS listed.
8 Body Ductile iron, BS EN 1563 EN-GJS-500-7.
9 Wedge Assembly Ductile iron,BS EN 1563 EN-GJS-500-7.
Fully encapsulated with ESW-70 rubber WRAS listed, complete with wedge nut of DZR brass BS EN 12164, CW 602N.
Coating Internal and external, electrostatically applied. Blue epoxy to WIS 4-52-01 ClassB. WRAS listed

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