AVK 65mm 68-85 Series 603 Universal Flange Adaptor /
AQUAF603085 AQUAF603085

AVK 65mm 68-85 Series 603 Universal Flange Adaptor

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AVK 65mm 68-85 Series 603 Universal Flange Adaptor

Part No. 603-084000-4-100, Flange DN50-60, Length 98mm, L1 47mm, D 185mm, Sealing Range 68-85mm, 4 Bolts, Weight 4.2kg

Maximum Working Pressure:    16 Bar.
Temperature Range:              -10°C to +70°C.  Insulation essential for temperatures of 0°C and below
Allow for total angular deflection of ±4°.
AVK 603 Material List Diagram
Construction Materials
1 - Body: Ductile iron min GGG-40, BS EN 1563: 1997.
2 - Washers: Hardened steel zinc plated & passivated.
3 - Bolts: Steel, grade 8.8 minimum, Sheraplex® coated. M12.
4 - Nuts: Steel, grade 8, Sheraplex® coated.
5 - Gland Ring: Ductile iron. min GGG-40 BS EN 1563: 1997.
6 - Rubber Seals: EPDM to BS EN 681-1. Coating: Fusion bonded epoxy.

Standards & Tests
Coating: Body WIS 4-52-01. 1.5 x PN. All materials WRAS approved.
Bolt Sets: WIS 4-52-03.

Please Note: This fitting is not designed for end load resistant applications

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