ABS PIRANHA S12/2 W01*10-KS-XM 230v
ABSP05105850 ABSP05105850 ABSP05105850

ABS Piranha S12/2 W01 10-KS-XM 230v,10mtr Cable,Float,PN32

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The ABS PIRANHA S12/2 W W01*10 KS 230v Submersible Pump is a sewage pump with shredding action used for reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure, using small diameter discharge lines in communal schemes. For effluent removal from houses especially in rural areas where high ground must be overcome, or where only small diameter pipework can be laid. Other applications include effluent removal from motorway service stations and campsites, largeconstruction sites, urban renewal and renovation of buildings. Pumped medium: sewage and other heavily polluted wastewater.
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