ABS XJ 80ND AT Aqua Tronic SS 400v 20m Cable 3 Inch Connection /
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ABS XJ 80ND AT Aqua Tronic SS 400v 20m Cable 3 inch Connection

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ABS XJ 80ND AT Aqua Tronic SS 400v 20m Cable 3" Connection - Medium Head Three Phase

Specification Electric submersible pump.
Maximum submergence: 20 m (65 ft).
Protection class IP 68.
Max temperature of pumped medium at max power input and continuous duty 40 ºC (104 ºF).
Max medium density 1100 kg/m3  (0.0397 lbs/inch3 ).
pH of the pumped medium 5-8.
Strainer hole: 7.5 x 22 mm (5/16" x 7/8").
Max number of starts 30/hr

Starting method and motor protection XJ 80 AT:
Direct on line start (DOL 575 V) with built in AquaTronic unit, which automatically adjusts phase order by dual contactors, ensuring correct motor rotation.
Soft start (230-460 V) is built in with the AquaTronic unit, where three thyristors reduces start current to three times the nominal current.
Here two relays ensures correct motor rotation.
The AquaTronic unit monitors motor temperature, by use of NTC thermistors built into stator windings, and stops the motor at high temperature.
It will also stop the motor at high amperage or if a phase is missing


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