ABS JUMBO J205 Submersible Pump HD DOL 400v

ABS Jumbo J205HD DOL Pump 400v 20mtr Cable, 4 inch Hose Conn

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ABSP00830555 ABSP00830555 ABS Jumbo J205HD DOL Pump 400v 20mtr Cable, 4 inch Hose Conn 2021-01-31
ABS JUMBO J205 Pump HD DOL 400vPrice includes a standard 4 inch hose connection. Please specify if an alternative is required.SpecificationElectric submersible pump.Maximum submergence: 20 m. Protection class: IP 68.Max temperature ofpumped medium at max power input and continuous duty 40ºC.Max medium density: 1100 kg/m3pH of the pumped medium: 5-8Strainer hole 8 x 34 mm. Max number of starts: 30/hour.J 205 ND Medium head 3~J 205 HD High head3~Motor protectionBuilt-in thermal switches in the stator windings (140ºC, ±5), connected to built-in contactor, SoftDrive or to separate control box. DI leakage sensor as option, but not in combination with built-in contactor or SoftDrive.Discharge connections4" (standard HD), 6" (standard ND), 8" hose connections.4", 6", 82 B.S.P. threaded connections.Weight155 kg
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