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Pumping the Depths: The UK Applications of Submersible Pumps

In the world of fluid management, submersible pumps stand as stalwart guardians, silently toiling beneath the surface to ensure efficient water transfer and drainage. In the United Kingdom, where water management is paramount due to our often inclement weather and fluctuating water levels, these pumps play a crucial role across a spectrum of applications.

Man using submersible pump

Among the myriad of submersible pumps available, three notable models - the Dab Verty Nova Sump Pump, the Feka VS range, and the Nova 300 Dab Sump Pump - stand out for their versatility and efficacy in addressing diverse pumping needs. Let's delve deeper into these pumps and explore their applications in the UK.

Dab Verty Nova Sump Pump:

The Dab Verty Nova sump pump epitomises reliability and efficiency, making it a popular choice for domestic and light commercial applications across the UK. Designed specifically for clean water with small particles, this submersible pump features an integral float switch, which allows for automatic operation, making it ideal for sump pit drainage, basement flooding prevention, and garden pond maintenance.

In urban areas prone to flooding or water accumulation, such as basements and underground car parks, the Dab Verty Nova sump pump provides a lifeline by swiftly and effectively removing excess water. Its robust construction and corrosion-resistant materials ensure longevity even in demanding environments, offering peace of mind to homeowners and property managers alike.

Additionally, in landscaping and irrigation applications, the Dab Verty Nova proves its mettle by efficiently circulating water in ponds and water features, maintaining water quality and preventing stagnation. Its compact design and quiet operation further enhance its appeal, making it a preferred choice for residential landscaping projects.

Feka VS Range:

For applications demanding the handling of solids up to 50mm in diameter, the Feka VS range emerges as a formidable solution, capable of tackling the toughest pumping challenges with ease. Whether it's sewage pumping, wastewater treatment, or industrial dewatering, these submersible pumps excel in delivering reliable performance across diverse environments.

In rural areas and small communities lacking centralised sewage systems, the Feka VS range plays a pivotal role in sewage and wastewater management. By efficiently macerating and pumping solid waste, these pumps ensure hygienic conditions and prevent environmental contamination, safeguarding public health and wellbeing.

Our farming and holiday home park customers really love this pump. It is one of the best sellers on our website.

John Kettley, Collister & Glover

Moreover, in construction sites and industrial facilities, where the presence of solid debris poses a constant challenge, the Feka VS range proves indispensable. Its robust construction and cutting-edge technology enable uninterrupted operation, even in the harshest conditions, thereby facilitating smooth project execution and minimising downtime.

Nova 300 Dab Pump:

The Nova 300 Dab pump stands as a testament to innovation and versatility, offering unparalleled performance across a wide range of applications. With its compact design and high flow rates, this submersible pump is well-suited for residential, commercial, and agricultural use, making it a versatile solution for diverse pumping needs.

In agricultural settings, where water plays a crucial role in crop irrigation and livestock management, the Nova 300 Dab pump shines as a reliable water transfer solution. Its efficient motor and durable construction ensure long-term reliability, enabling farmers to maintain optimal moisture levels and enhance crop yields.

Furthermore, in commercial and industrial settings, such as construction sites, mining operations, and wastewater treatment plants, the Nova 300 Dab pump proves its worth by facilitating efficient water management and dewatering. Its high-performance capabilities and easy maintenance make it a preferred choice for demanding applications where reliability is paramount.

The Nova 300 is our favourite for reliability. We now that Collister & Glover sell these online all the time.

Mark Hockton, Sales Manager at DAB


In conclusion, submersible pumps, including the Dab Verty Nova sump pump, the Feka VS range, and the Nova 300 Dab pump, play a pivotal role in various applications across the UK.

From domestic drainage to industrial dewatering, these pumps embody reliability, efficiency, and versatility, making them indispensable assets in the realm of fluid management. As the UK continues to face evolving water management challenges, the importance of these submersible pumps in ensuring efficient water transfer and drainage cannot be overstated.

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