Technical Data

Table of Technical Data
Title of DatasheetFile SizeSelect
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Metric to Imperial 8 KB Metric To Imperial Conversion
Bolt Conversion    
Metric to Imperial Bolt Conversion 19 KB Bolt Substitution Table
Flange Tables    
BS10 Flange Tables 56 KB BS10 Flange Tables
BS1560 Flange Tables 8 KB BS1560 Flange Tables
BS4504 Flange Tables 15 KB BS4504 Flange Tables
ABS Pumps    
ABS AFP Pumps Old to New Product Codes 772 KB ABS AFP Coding Chart
Rustoleum RAL Chart (Large File) 772 KB Rustoleum RAL Chart
Underfloor Central Heating    
Polypipe UFCH Installation Guide (Very Large File) 6.3 MB Underfloor Heating Installation Guide
Polypipe UFCH Control Panels (Large File) 560 KB Underfloor Heating Controls
Polypipe Floor Heating Made Easy 89.9 KB Polypipe Floor Heating Made Easy
UFCH Prices and Componenets (Very Large File) 4.4 MB UFCH Prices and Components
Pipeclamps Size Reference 20 KB Pipeclamps Size Reference
Tracpipe Guide (Large File) 658 KB Tracpipe Installation Guide
Rain Water Harvesting Filter (Large File) 658 KB Inline Filter Information
Rain Water Harvesting Filter 179 KB Mains water backwash filter Information
Rain Water Harvesting Tanks (Large File) 539 KB PE Tank Integral Filter Information
Rain Water Harvesting Tanks (Large File) 1430 KB PE Tank Data Information
Rain Water Harvesting Tanks 177 KB Above Ground Storage Tanks Information
Rain Water Harvesting Tanks (Large File) 587 KB Basement Tank
DAB Circulators & Inline Pumps (Large File) 1.46 MB DAB Circulators & Inline Pumps
DAB Submerged & Submersible Pumps (Very Large File) 1.84 MB DAB Submerged & Submersible Pumps
DAB Centrifugal & Self Priming Pumps (Very Large File) 1.12 MB DAB Centrifugal & Self Priming Pumps
DAB Centrifugal Pumps (Very Large File) 2.45 MB DAB_Centrifugal Pumps
DAB Pressurisation Units (Very Large File) 2.22 MB DAB Pressurisation Units
Effast ABS Pipe Systems 57.9 KB Effast ABS Pipe Systems
Effast Materials 97.3 KB Effast Materials
Effast PP Actuated Valves 36.5 KB Effast PP Actuated Valves
Effast PP Manual Valves 94.3 KB Effast PP Manual Valves
Effast PVC Actuated Valves 43.8 KB Effast PVC Actuated Valves
Effast PVC Manual Valves 138 KB Effast PVC Manual Valves
Effast PVC Fittings 134 KB Effast PVC Fittings
Effast PP Properties 167 KB Effast PP Properties
Effast Tech Data & Chemical Resistance 6.4 MB Effast Chemical Resistance
DIN8061 / 8063 Pipe Dimensions 48 KB DIN8061 / 8063 Pipe dimensions
Effast Jointing for PVCu and ABS Pipe (Large File)  286KB Effast Jointing Procedure For PVCu and ABS