How to Earn Loyalty Points

As a Colglo account customer you collect points every time you shop.

You can spend them on small items you need or save them up for a bigger purchase, there is no limit to the amount of points you can collect.

Because you can earn points every time you spend, the points soon add up.

Boost your rewards

You can boost your rewards total by taking advantage of the extra points being offered on selected products. Keep an eye on your mailbox for these offers.

Shop Earn Redeem

On every Product page

The green boxes show the amount of points you can earn on your purchase.

Every time you buy you accrue Colglo Points. You get one Colglo Point for each pound spent.

Loyalty Points 

If you visit your Basket

It shows the number of points you have accrued. Each point is worth 1p so if you have a hundred points you can get a pound off your next order.
Loyalty Points basket Page

If you already have a Colglo account  - visit the Account Page. Click on Loyalty Points to see how many points you have earned.

You can also see the points earned and redeemed by veiwing your 'Loyalty Points Summary'.

It shows the points added onto any order you have placed as well as any points redeemed and which orders they were redeemed against.

Colglo Points Rewards Log 

An email is sent to you each time you redeem points, and a monthly email report to all registered customers.

At regular intervals we will have Product Promotions that give you extra points for every product you buy.

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